Tarot Shadow Work Day 2

► Day 2: Childhood – The Birth of the Shadow

Infancy, childhood, and adolescence all set the stage for the development and reinforcement of the shadow. For the sake of brevity, I am using the term ‘childhood’ to cover all of these life stages, however. Bear that in mind whenever I refer to childhood throughout this challenge.

Trace back your memories as far as you can. Try to overview your early life in as much detail as possible. Articulate or otherwise express how you experienced childhood as a whole. Heed to any areas of resistance you encounter. Note pivotal turning points or memories that stand out. Attempt to recall the first time you experienced emotions like sadness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, remorse, and contempt.

Tarot Question: What facet of my childhood have I overlooked or otherwise need to reevaluate?


This will take some time to think about.

Quote From: The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: The Wild Unknown Tarot


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