Tarot Shadow Work Day 4

► Day 4: Mother – Needs, Trust, Love

The traditional mother figure can be associated with needs, trust, and love. As infants, we typically rely on our mothers to meet our needs, we have no other choice but to trust that she loves and cares for us enough to accommodate those needs. By looking at the role our mothers played in our lives we can gain a sliver of insight on how we go about meeting our needs, establishing trust, and receiving/expressing love.

Consider your mother (or other persons who served as a mother figure). What is your relationship with her like– what was it like growing up? Take note of any striking memories. How do you see her? In what ways do those qualities reflect in your life? Do you experience any resistance to your mother? Think about the things you don’t like about her, then ask yourself how you might demonstrate those qualities yourself. Consider the things you do like about her and what lengths you might go to to cultivate those qualities in yourself.

Tarot Question: What element of the mother archetype might I benefit from considering?

Shadowwork - Day 4

It’s a little tongue in cheek of the deck to answer this way.

Quote From: The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: Shadowscapes Tarot (affiliate Link)


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