30 Days of Tarot – Day 5

5. When and where did you give your first reading?

I do not believe I kept the large pile of journals from my teen years, I finally discarded them a move or two ago. I do however recall reading about my first reading for myself in them.

My hands shook and I diligently shuffled carefully. My then boyfriend watched as I paused to smoothe out the silk that I had laid out. I took a lot of deep breaths and made a lot of dramatic faces. Once I was done shuffling I cut the deck and laid out a card for myself.

The Hanged Man

I knew nearly nothing from first hand experience. I pulled the little white book out and read feeling crestfallen. The Hanged Man was nothing like the personal revelation I expected. I didn’t want to admit that self harm and disordered eating were ruling a lot of my young life.

This confusion/anger response drove me to learn, and to follow my mother’s advice.

It also led young Rowan on a journey that led to a lot of healing and self-peace.

30 days of Tarot challenge – by The Tarot Sybarite (Full list here).


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