#TarotPerspective – Day 2

Queen of Swords From the Shadowscapes Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, and The Smith Tarot
Queen of Swords From the Shadowscapes Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, and The Smith Tarot

Court cards, much like minors, are a set of cards I feel like I need to sit with still. Today I drew my card.

By my card I mean I am a Libra. I’m an extra Libra Libra. My Sun and Moon are both in Libra. My rising sign is Gemini. I have so much air in my chart it is unreal.

That said I’ve used this card (begrudgingly due to the very gendered nature of the court cards) as my signifier in readings.

I want to break out a few things about this court card.

The suit of Swords is the element of Air.

This is the suit of action, change, intellect, logic, and strategy. In the shadows, the suit also represents rash decisions, judgement, and abuse.

Queens embody the whole range of the suit. They channel all of the power of the suit and wield the weaknesses of the suit as advantages.

There are some differences between the art in the three cards I pulled today.

The Shadowscapes Tarot queen looks like her sword is the moon. The watercolor is very muted and reads to me as subtle but wise. She is surrounded by birds and crocus. She bears a heron on her shoulder and has a winged cloak. She is looking into the future and is cast in profile. Her garb is flowy and light purple. This card evokes the priestess for me. A woman who is wise and understanding. I picture this queen as in the mother stage of her life.

The wild unknown is a white owl perched on a sword hilt. The owl looks towards the viewer with squinted eyes. I read this as very judgmental. This deck labels the card the “mother” instead of “Queen”. This is the look of the mother asking why you were out late and didn’t wipe your shoes on the way in. They want the best for you but may be too direct.

The Smith Tarot pictures a woman in profile seated. She holds a sword in one hand and the other is outstretched in peace, this creates an interesting juxtaposition with the sword. She is crowned. This evokes the act of judging as well for me. The pictured queen may be in the mother stage of her life as well. She is cloaked in a heavy cloak and wears a flowy white robe. The clouds in the background are very subtle in reminding you of the element of Air.

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