#TarotPerspective – Day 9

5 is the card of The Hierophant, structure, institution, tradition.

Wands are the suit of fire. Strength, inspiration,  creativity.

The 5 of Wands shows conflict.

Shadowscapes Tarot – I read this as a man vs nature card as the athlete runs in the opposite direction of all the animals. They embrace the wands behind the athlete as they embrace only the one they use as a tool. Spread out, look at the bigger picture, consider different approaches, look to nature

The Wild Unknown Tarot – The wands are not parallel, they are not ordered or perpendicular. They look like brushes or pencils thrown down when working. The conflict has stopped order, structure, and progress.

Smith Tarot – I usually see a fight in this card, but no one looks dressed for battle. They also don’t look like they are hitting eachother. I wonder if they are dancing. Perhaps instead of physical fight this is more about disharmony in the group, they are out of step and out of focus. Some are blaming others, it may soon become violence.


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