#TarotPerspective – Day 10

Shadowscapes tarot – this figures cloak is white behind him with a wing overlay, in front of him it is black and has crows with it. This shows well the black and white of judgment. The arbiter, ready to show change and action. He is posed as if listening intently. His sword used as a cane more than a sword. A owl perches at the top watching and listening as well. He is seeking to be clear and to understand.

The Wild Unknown tarot – The owl looks angry, no not angry, concerned. He looks at the situation across his spectrum sword. He uses his amazing owl senses to understand the situation. Being a father rather than a king the Owl seeks to guide.

Smith Tarot – the king sits atop his throne receiving council. He holds the symbol of his station, ready to bring clarity to those seeking.

The king of swords is the Aquarius court card.


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