[Poem] Something

somethingThere is something so perfect in the way you dip your face downward when you are embarrassed.

     In the way you hide in plain sight.

There is something so gentle in the way you carefully capture your hand in mine.

     In the way our hands are the same size

There is something so kind in the way your eyes light up when you tell me you love me quietly.

     In the way you wrote it out the first time.

There is something so soft about your face cradled in my hands, the way you look at me when you know I’m about to kiss you.

     In the way you kiss me back, gently but fierce.

There is something so deep in the way you hold me, like you are holding every iteration of me back through my life, through every life.

     In the way you hold all of me in your arms somehow.

There is something so lovely in the way you come to me when you hurt, even when you know I cannot help from so far.

     In the way you keep me involved in your world.

There is something so beautiful in the way you share your heart.

     In the way you love.

     In you.


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