Words worth many thoughts

I have been posting a lot of poetry recently. I have still been practicing daily tarot draws. Sometimes those go up over on my Instagram, sometimes those just go into my tarot journal.

I am nearly out of pages in my tarot journal. I am planning on switching on March 21st into a new one. I will prepare a post documenting the setup here if anyone is curious.


Co-Workers draw

Today a co-worker came into my office and the topic of tarot came up. Not having cards handy and wanting to show off The Haiku Oracle* I pulled three cards for her quickly.


We were talking about being at the edge of some life changes and needing to move out of a bad living situation. And how recently it all became clear that that was the next step.

The end of autumn – a season nearly over, into a rough but restful time

a cuckoo crying – turmoil in the present

veiled in morning mist – the early day parting of the cloud of sleep, seeing things fresh and new.

We agreed it was fitting, hugged and got back to work.

I pulled these three for myself:




My current goal is slowing down, doing less, reserving energy more. I am trying to show up for myself the same way I show up for others. All I could think of with this little verse is how seeds sleep waiting for spring in the cold beds of winter gardens.

Things are going to change, I can feel it.




*The Haiku Oracle by Kristen at Over The Moon Oracle, while you’re there make sure you look at the guidebook in their freebies section!  (Here’s their Instagram, you can purchase the deck via Printer’s Studio.)


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