[Poem] When the Street Lamps Turn On

In the tradition of Throw Back Thursday, here is a poem from 2005.


The light of the sun

Begins to fade and

the look of sorrow

begin to seep into

all of our eyes. We

know that soon the

street lights will

come on.

Someone’s mother

will start the call

“so-and-so come

inside for supper”

and it will echo

around the

neighborhood in a

chorus of shouts;

each mother more

urgent than the last.

And we sigh taking

the baseball game

back onto the lawn.

We wait for the cars

to pass; someone

shouts ‘play’ as the

last car leaves and

the basemen and


–trashcan lid,

pog board,

circle of hose, recycling bin-

get replaced to their

chalked in space.

The pitcher goes

back to his “mound”

and Sammy takes

up the bat. Mom’s

head sticks out the

door, and I see her

from my position of

shortstop and she

nods softly and

opens her mouth.

“Dinner” she calls

and my heart falls, I

say goodbye to the

guys and sadly walk

inside, where the

delights of the night

are, once again lost.



Inspired by Daredevil by Huntress.


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