[Poem] beep


Long distance is supposed to be hard

We all know that from media

And yet here we are

Hearts open and missing

Hands cradling phones and computers

Thinking about each other

Commutes and waiting rooms

Processing from afar


The sound of messenger

Makes my heart beat faster

It’s suttle bing or beep

Makes me rush, hoping it’s you

Reaching out across state lines

And wanting to connect fleetingly

Pictures of the face I want to touch

And sound bites of your voice


Video chats on quiet Sunday mornings

You calling when I’m lonely

So I can listen to you both prepare dinner

Cradled to my ear, eyes closed

Picturing myself in your space

Wishing for the subtle smells

Of your hair, skin, being

The gentle weight of your presence


I miss you so much


I miss you too.


I love you.








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