[Poem] Spring

“Purple Dew” by Nana B Agyei *

You are like spring

Full of gentle strength

And slumbering beauty

That is peeking up quietly

Seeds sleeping holding

All the knowledge of flowers

Lavender and dew stripped

Prepared to shine to glow

When the sun warms earth

And your face unfolds

A smile so sincere

Birds sing of it’s coming grace



*Image use under Creative Commons 2.0 license – some rights reserved.

My love hate relationship with lipstick

I love you lipstick. Matte or glossy, shimmery and suade finished you are beautiful.  You draw interest to my face. You add color and mosturize. Except when you don’t. Sometimes you dry. Sometimes you clump. Sometimes you smear, feather and run.
Sometimes you look amazing.

I don’t know enough about you.

Your associations have ranged broadly from rebellion to prostitute.

For me you bare war paint. Vivid. Red.
I love you lipstick, I’ll wear you even after I’m dead.

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