30 Days of Tarot – Day 5

5. When and where did you give your first reading?

I do not believe I kept the large pile of journals from my teen years, I finally discarded them a move or two ago. I do however recall reading about my first reading for myself in them.

My hands shook and I diligently shuffled carefully. My then boyfriend watched as I paused to smoothe out the silk that I had laid out. I took a lot of deep breaths and made a lot of dramatic faces. Once I was done shuffling I cut the deck and laid out a card for myself.

The Hanged Man

I knew nearly nothing from first hand experience. I pulled the little white book out and read feeling crestfallen. The Hanged Man was nothing like the personal revelation I expected. I didn’t want to admit that self harm and disordered eating were ruling a lot of my young life.

This confusion/anger response drove me to learn, and to follow my mother’s advice.

It also led young Rowan on a journey that led to a lot of healing and self-peace.

30 days of Tarot challenge – by The Tarot Sybarite (Full list here).


Daily Draw Draw – Three of Wands

Back in October I was drawing my daily draw. I got around 15 days in before I stopped having time to draw the card I drew every day and also when I got to The Devil which took a lot of unpacking (and failed drawings). That card was so hard for me to draw that I gave up after finally getting something I’m happy with. Today I decided to start up again with my drawing of the three of wands.

The idea with these drawings is to distill my feelings about the cards into keywords. I am trying to avoid redrawing the Smith-Rider-Waite deck. I am not going to do detailed drawings for the minor arcana.

This deck is for me. My goal is to go through my whole draw intentionally viewing each card as upright and then once I’ve finished do daily draws intentionally viewing each card as reversed. I am leaving the bottom of the card blank so I can draw again.

The deck I’m drawing from changes based on the deck I picked that day. All of my current decks have the same numbering scheme (Strength included). I am distressed noticing that a lot of my decks are Smith-Rider-Waite clones or very Smith-inspired at least. I will work through deck reviews of the 7 decks currently in my collection.

That all said here is today’s draw in 6 of my decks:

3 of Wands
See what I’m saying about Smith-Inspired art? (Deck list at end of post)

After carrying the card with me for the day and thinking on it quite a bit here is the drawing I made:

3 of Wands - Draw

The 3 in tarot relates to The Empress – assuming that you read the non-court minor arcana as related to the 1-10 Major Arcana – and relates to germination, planning and beginings. When we relate this the suit of wands and intuiton, thought, and action we can distill down to these keywords:


This is a very base look at the card. My end goal doing this is not just to make a clear view for my own intuitive meanings for the cards, but also to reinforce the base of my knowledge of the cards.

I will work to put up past draws and future draws as time allows.

Wish me luck on this process!

Decks above from Left to Right, top to bottom:
The Wild Unknown Tarot
Universal Waite Tarot Deck
Mucha Tarot
The Smith-Raider-Waite Tarot
Shadowscapes Tarot
Tarot de Marseille 1736 (French Edition)