[Poem] beep


Long distance is supposed to be hard

We all know that from media

And yet here we are

Hearts open and missing

Hands cradling phones and computers

Thinking about each other

Commutes and waiting rooms

Processing from afar


The sound of messenger

Makes my heart beat faster

It’s suttle bing or beep

Makes me rush, hoping it’s you

Reaching out across state lines

And wanting to connect fleetingly

Pictures of the face I want to touch

And sound bites of your voice


Video chats on quiet Sunday mornings

You calling when I’m lonely

So I can listen to you both prepare dinner

Cradled to my ear, eyes closed

Picturing myself in your space

Wishing for the subtle smells

Of your hair, skin, being

The gentle weight of your presence


I miss you so much


I miss you too.


I love you.







[Poem] Nightmares


You stir in my arms gently rousing me from sleep

Your shoulders shake, your mouth tight

I can tell immediately that you are not awake

Your lips part, slowly and words slip into the night


I am sorry I’m not good enough

Your sleeping mouth whispers to the world

I look down to your sullen face

And my head begins to whirl


Shhh sweet love, I’m here with you now

You roll into my arms letting out a sigh

My name falls from your lips as you

wake a moment look me in the eye


I hold you as long as I dare

As you drift back to sleep

Slowly rolling away

Before from the bed I creep



[Poem] Spring

“Purple Dew” by Nana B Agyei *

You are like spring

Full of gentle strength

And slumbering beauty

That is peeking up quietly

Seeds sleeping holding

All the knowledge of flowers

Lavender and dew stripped

Prepared to shine to glow

When the sun warms earth

And your face unfolds

A smile so sincere

Birds sing of it’s coming grace



*Image use under Creative Commons 2.0 license – some rights reserved.

[Poem] Delicious Naked (nsfw)

Explore magnificent strong shoulders
that move with power under her skin
Remember the moon that you worship
dwells in her eyes during the night
and is safe there, behind her glasses
all day long.

Under the drunk waves of her scent
Smell the musk of sweat and the damp of rain
Put your face to her nape of her neck
hide behind the cascade of her hair
all day long.

Part the trunks of her powerful legs
show care for every hair, pore, and dimple
kiss the backs of her knees and the points too
Massage her feet and press your thumb into
the arch of her foot until she sighs
all day long.

Wait until you stumble through the door
together entwined to feel the
caress of skin against skin
and to drink her kisses in like sweet wine
don’t ever let go as you tumble to bed
all night long.