[Poem] The Moon

In the tradition of throwback Thursday here is a poem from 2006.

The Moon.png

Tonight the moon appears

And tomorrow she will again

Waltzing across the stage of the sky

Slowly she spins


Her eyes hidden behind her soft glow

Her body seen from below

She sways softly north to south

In the morning staggers home


But at some point with in these days

Her appearance will be none

She will be at home

Cradling the ones she loves


Her present brightens my hope

As she saunters across the sky

Her light will guide me too

To the home I miss so dearly

And the love I have too.
2/17/2006 12:26:09 PM

[Poem] Shadows

(A short horror poem)


The air crackles, like a wool blanket

Breath barely visible in the dark

Moon full above light piercing the clouds

The sky feels close

Pressing in among the trees

It’s too quiet

It’s too still

Shapes among the trees

Noiseless move in the shadows

Or are they shadows?

They are not shaped like people

They are not deer

They are too rounded

They’ve too many limbs

We light a second fire

Closer to the treeline

Unsure what else to do.


Haiku Oracle


(Click image to view it on my Instagram)

Three cards laid in a vertical column, they are white with black typewriter style font reading:


deep in



moon thinned

to a thread


the heron’s cry

This draw is from the Haiku Oracle by Kristen at Over The Moon Oracle, while you’re there make sure you look at the guidebook in their freebies section!  (Here’s their Instagram, you can purchase the deck via Printer’s Studio.)

I like how this feels unfinished