[Poem] Mist


The bare trees against the sky

Spread upward

Like veins in lungs

The distance is made of fog and mist

And the foreground is rain and branches

The road stretches off

a line towards the horizon

The world is still, too quiet

Rain and birds and trees

And yet



[Poem] beep


Long distance is supposed to be hard

We all know that from media

And yet here we are

Hearts open and missing

Hands cradling phones and computers

Thinking about each other

Commutes and waiting rooms

Processing from afar


The sound of messenger

Makes my heart beat faster

It’s suttle bing or beep

Makes me rush, hoping it’s you

Reaching out across state lines

And wanting to connect fleetingly

Pictures of the face I want to touch

And sound bites of your voice


Video chats on quiet Sunday mornings

You calling when I’m lonely

So I can listen to you both prepare dinner

Cradled to my ear, eyes closed

Picturing myself in your space

Wishing for the subtle smells

Of your hair, skin, being

The gentle weight of your presence


I miss you so much


I miss you too.


I love you.







[Poem] Sound of Birds

In the tradition of Throwback Thursday here is a poem from 2003.


The sound of birds

Shatters off the trees

And falls like liquid pebbles

Into concrete pools

Leaving ripples

In the trash

Floating on the surface

Wind rustles the disbarred cans

But the concrete poll

Remains still and silent


[Poem] Nightmares


You stir in my arms gently rousing me from sleep

Your shoulders shake, your mouth tight

I can tell immediately that you are not awake

Your lips part, slowly and words slip into the night


I am sorry I’m not good enough

Your sleeping mouth whispers to the world

I look down to your sullen face

And my head begins to whirl


Shhh sweet love, I’m here with you now

You roll into my arms letting out a sigh

My name falls from your lips as you

wake a moment look me in the eye


I hold you as long as I dare

As you drift back to sleep

Slowly rolling away

Before from the bed I creep



[Poem] The Moon

In the tradition of throwback Thursday here is a poem from 2006.

The Moon.png

Tonight the moon appears

And tomorrow she will again

Waltzing across the stage of the sky

Slowly she spins


Her eyes hidden behind her soft glow

Her body seen from below

She sways softly north to south

In the morning staggers home


But at some point with in these days

Her appearance will be none

She will be at home

Cradling the ones she loves


Her present brightens my hope

As she saunters across the sky

Her light will guide me too

To the home I miss so dearly

And the love I have too.
2/17/2006 12:26:09 PM

[Poem] When the Street Lamps Turn On

In the tradition of Throw Back Thursday, here is a poem from 2005.


The light of the sun

Begins to fade and

the look of sorrow

begin to seep into

all of our eyes. We

know that soon the

street lights will

come on.

Someone’s mother

will start the call

“so-and-so come

inside for supper”

and it will echo

around the

neighborhood in a

chorus of shouts;

each mother more

urgent than the last.

And we sigh taking

the baseball game

back onto the lawn.

We wait for the cars

to pass; someone

shouts ‘play’ as the

last car leaves and

the basemen and


–trashcan lid,

pog board,

circle of hose, recycling bin-

get replaced to their

chalked in space.

The pitcher goes

back to his “mound”

and Sammy takes

up the bat. Mom’s

head sticks out the

door, and I see her

from my position of

shortstop and she

nods softly and

opens her mouth.

“Dinner” she calls

and my heart falls, I

say goodbye to the

guys and sadly walk

inside, where the

delights of the night

are, once again lost.



Inspired by Daredevil by Huntress.

[Poem] Administration


The tea arrives on my desk, still warm and sweet

A smile as my door slides closed and a knowing nod

A message with a scan of the relevant mail

With the actions you already took appended

Highlighted in green

The garbage in my office is suddenly empty

While I am talking to an employee

About a compliant

There is a note on my desk with a simple heart

When I through the window in my office

I see your furrowed brow and determined face

Typing away at fixing some problem

Before I know it exists.

Reflected behind us both on the tinted window

The sign on my wall that reads


“Today is the day”


So I stand up and go tell you

How much I appreciate all you do

To keep me running and smiling

To keep us all running and smiling.

Words worth many thoughts

I have been posting a lot of poetry recently. I have still been practicing daily tarot draws. Sometimes those go up over on my Instagram, sometimes those just go into my tarot journal.

I am nearly out of pages in my tarot journal. I am planning on switching on March 21st into a new one. I will prepare a post documenting the setup here if anyone is curious.


Co-Workers draw

Today a co-worker came into my office and the topic of tarot came up. Not having cards handy and wanting to show off The Haiku Oracle* I pulled three cards for her quickly.


We were talking about being at the edge of some life changes and needing to move out of a bad living situation. And how recently it all became clear that that was the next step.

The end of autumn – a season nearly over, into a rough but restful time

a cuckoo crying – turmoil in the present

veiled in morning mist – the early day parting of the cloud of sleep, seeing things fresh and new.

We agreed it was fitting, hugged and got back to work.

I pulled these three for myself:




My current goal is slowing down, doing less, reserving energy more. I am trying to show up for myself the same way I show up for others. All I could think of with this little verse is how seeds sleep waiting for spring in the cold beds of winter gardens.

Things are going to change, I can feel it.




*The Haiku Oracle by Kristen at Over The Moon Oracle, while you’re there make sure you look at the guidebook in their freebies section!  (Here’s their Instagram, you can purchase the deck via Printer’s Studio.)

[Poem] Shadows

(A short horror poem)


The air crackles, like a wool blanket

Breath barely visible in the dark

Moon full above light piercing the clouds

The sky feels close

Pressing in among the trees

It’s too quiet

It’s too still

Shapes among the trees

Noiseless move in the shadows

Or are they shadows?

They are not shaped like people

They are not deer

They are too rounded

They’ve too many limbs

We light a second fire

Closer to the treeline

Unsure what else to do.


[Poem] Glitter

In honor of throwback Thursday here is a poem from 2003.


The ground twinkles

Like in the midst of morning

     In the midst of dawn

          In the twilight of the sunrise

Small fairies

     Tiny pixies

          Little Imps bent on spreading happiness

Came out of the flowers in the failing night

So they could leave sparkling glitter

     Glinting bits of gold

          Shards of broken glass so small they are the air

For those who awake anew

Sad in this world and its apparent lack of beauty

     Lonely in the huge planet

          At home in the mists with the faeries.


March 2003