Here_comes_rain_againCool and damp the streets weave together through the city. The smell of wet leaves and perished earthworms fills the streets. Sodden wool, sweat under layers and car exhaust linger on the slight breeze. Passersby wonder past their bubbles sliding past and colliding. The early sky is grey and mist filled. The air tastes clean yet gritty. The rain has held off for now. Commuters stare at their email frowning. Students pour over books. Storefronts advertise to our consumer nature to buy. The morning slips past as in heralded the sun creeps over the horizon. Lazy in the mist. I stop and send him a welcome to a new day. As I look up this shape behind the clouds the rain starts to fall. Like clockwork people around me open umbrellas and upturn collars and hoods.
Good morning sun.
Good morning city.
Good morning rain.

[Poem] Rain

Untitled By Seyed Mostafa Zamani via Flckr

Sound muffled by wind
and the movement of trees
Drops of water plop onto wool
slowly spreading out
comfortable in the weave
setting roots towards skin

Sun hidden within mist
clouds shielding light
gray expanding outward
wetly muted by air and splash
roads smoothed by leaves
bright colored slick carpet
clogging gutters and grates

Clean smelling and crisp
damp and earthy
gray pavement scent
wafting on lazy breeze
each sudden noise a reminder
that the world is still here
despite the rain