[Poem] Delicious Naked (nsfw)

Explore magnificent strong shoulders
that move with power under her skin
Remember the moon that you worship
dwells in her eyes during the night
and is safe there, behind her glasses
all day long.

Under the drunk waves of her scent
Smell the musk of sweat and the damp of rain
Put your face to her nape of her neck
hide behind the cascade of her hair
all day long.

Part the trunks of her powerful legs
show care for every hair, pore, and dimple
kiss the backs of her knees and the points too
Massage her feet and press your thumb into
the arch of her foot until she sighs
all day long.

Wait until you stumble through the door
together entwined to feel the
caress of skin against skin
and to drink her kisses in like sweet wine
don’t ever let go as you tumble to bed
all night long.