spider-web-615272_960_720Have you ever been lying in bed and started to notice the connections of the world around you? Like thinking of memories and being nostalgic and suddenly it is like stepping back and seeing the subtle pattern of the world?


She could always do that. It was strange that others did not notice the connections the way she did. The old woman who was alone always wore an engagement ring and no wedding band. The man who lived across from her waited in his window every day to watch her walk her dog around the block. The men in the black jackets with the green piping and matching hats came and took people away not at random as everyone said but after they had said something about their dreams or made an observation that could question their way of life.

She noticed the way that the teachers and authority figures all looked the same if you were only seeing them from the corner of your eye. She noticed that some people were different when the authority figures left the room. The were nicer.

She noticed a lot.

But she never said a word.