Goal Setting Spell

Witten for Week 1 of the 2016 Grimoire Challenge.

Inspired by Jade’s Spell activity for the week. (here)

Intentions and goals spell

The goal of this working is to set intentions for a new beginning. This is ideal for starting the new year (at Samhain or at the calendar new year, or even your birth date).

You will need:

A quiet, private space. If you are working at home tell those you cohabitate with that you need some downtime. If you don’t feel confident with that tell them you’re thinking about taking a nap.

  • Nice writing paper
  • A good pen (one that is comfortable to write with. You could even go fancy dip pen and ink if you wanted to.)
  • Envelopes
  • Scratch paper
  • Something you carry with you daily (a planner, journal, book bag, tablet, purse, etc.)
  • A candle (pick colors and scents appropriate to your intention or goal)
  • Incense (Optional)
  • Sealing Wax (Optional)
  • A focus for your energy (An image or statue of a patron deity, A crystal, a candle, a rock, anything that resonates with you as appropriate.)
  • Music (Optional, select something that matches your intentions. For example In setting goals with my Grimoire writing for 2016 I picked ambient noise from a coffee shop fromhttps://mynoise.net/noiseMachines.php as it made me think of writing.)
  • Plenty of time
  • You may want to bring tea, water, coffee, or a snack with you into your quiet space

Center and ground or cast a circle as needed for your practice.

Light the candle and optional incense.

On your scratch papers work out a set of step goals from where you are to where you want to be.

There are a few resources for goal settings at the end.

Make yourself a list of step goals to get to where your goal is. Make sure you keep these time bound. Keep the pieces as small or as big as you need to. Remember attainability of a step is just as important as obtainability of the whole goal. If you feel like you need it in smaller pieces or you need extra time that’s okay. Your goal is success, set yourself up for it!

An example of a list of step goals that are time bound could be:

Goal: Finish up writing for chapbook of poetry:

(Note: taking a day off each week is reasonable. This also is assuming that most of the writing is done, and that structures are in place for some of this.)

Week 1 – Write at least an hour a day. Make sure you write 1 “public” piece for the week.

Week 2 – Edit at least an hour a day. Spend one of those days at least writing.

Week 3 – Write at least an hour a day. Make sure you write 1 “public” piece for the week.

Week 4 – Edit at least an hour a day. Spend one of those days at least writing.

Week 5 – Write at least an hour a day.

Week 6 – Spend two hours a day on formatting, arrangement and editing work into the chapbook

Week 7 – Send to beta readers. Request they return within a week if possible. Take rest of the week off.

Week 8 – Read through responses from beta readers as it comes in.

Week 9 – Read through responses from beta readers as it comes in.

Week 10 – First print mockup laid out.

Week 11 – Send to copy editor. Take rest of week off.

Past this point the timeline is less under your direct control. So a good goal may be to get to this phase of your goal.

Now that you have a goal list written out, and you’ve broken it into bite sized chunks, get out your fancy paper and envelopes.

Write a step goal on each page.

Label each of the envelopes with the date a goal should be done (except the last “done date”). You can add a sigil, symbol or sub-goals as needed.

Put each goal page in the envelope of the date that the prior goal should be done.

As you stuff your envelopes visualize a golden light connecting them in order. Visualize your focus with you at each of these steps. You don’t need put the first page in an envelope.

(Optional) Take your stack of envelopes and seal each with the sealing wax.

Stack your envelopes (after you give them a moment to dry) in date order, soonest on top. Place them under your focus. Visualize a well of golden light surrounding them and tying them together. If you feel compelled say a few words. Words I used were:

I have the power within me to seek the goals of my spirit
I have the strength with in me to not be led astray
I have the compassion with in me to love myself on the way

I see a goal before me
I see a path golden bright
I see you here beside me, holding my hand

I will this to be completed
I will it to be done
I will myself enough.

Perform the types of after-spell work that are most natural for you. I give the space a moment and ground again while holding my intention in my mind clearly, snuff anything burning, clean and clear out the area used and then take a shower.

Carry the current page with the goal written on it with you daily. I put them inside the cover of my bullet journal.

When the day for the next envelope arrives I get out my goal page that is current. I write on it some of where I’m at, generally as a short letter to my focus. Then I burn or in some way destroy it. In some cases I encorporate them into my book of shadows or simply recycle them.

I would love to hear any feedback or thoughts on this spellwork. This is generally as elaborate as my spellwork gets.

Goal Resources:

SMART goals (with worksheet) 

Wiki How’s Smart goals explanation (warning: the goals they show are often weight-related)