[Poem] Return of the sun


As I leave my home the sky lightens. I smile knowing the sun made it back to the world. It does not feel anybwarmer, yet. The wind is cold and wet but yet, I can feel it in my bones that the sun slowly tides distant spring. The web of connectedness that connects below the surface of the world is humming life today. Bulbs and seeds are neastled in their cold beds beneath the fallen, damp leaves, waiting.
The horizon lightens casting the sky with cool toned beams of light. Naked trees cast their hands to the sky in welcoming waves to the sun as he peaks his distant face between the clouds.
Winter wanes away.
During the night the white stag danced, now as morning comes the grey of the sky continues to light. The candles we used to keep the dark at bay flicker out.

(The Wild Unknown Tarot can be found here.)



Here_comes_rain_againCool and damp the streets weave together through the city. The smell of wet leaves and perished earthworms fills the streets. Sodden wool, sweat under layers and car exhaust linger on the slight breeze. Passersby wonder past their bubbles sliding past and colliding. The early sky is grey and mist filled. The air tastes clean yet gritty. The rain has held off for now. Commuters stare at their email frowning. Students pour over books. Storefronts advertise to our consumer nature to buy. The morning slips past as in heralded the sun creeps over the horizon. Lazy in the mist. I stop and send him a welcome to a new day. As I look up this shape behind the clouds the rain starts to fall. Like clockwork people around me open umbrellas and upturn collars and hoods.
Good morning sun.
Good morning city.
Good morning rain.