Daily Draw – 3 of Wands

3 of Wands – The Wild Unknown Tarot

Be prepared to identify the obstacles.

Name them.

Say their name.

Take their power as your own.

This one spoke deeply to me this morning

30 Days of Tarot – Day 3

3. Do you have more than one deck that you use, and, if so, do you have a favorite? If not, why do you like the deck you have chosen?

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I feel like if I had a lot more moving capital I’d buy every deck that struck my fancy.

As it stands I have 6 working decks and 2 retired decks. I find I favor them for different things. One of the retired decks I spoke about previously in this challenge The Spiral Tarot.

I don’t think I have a favorite, I reach for different decks for different things.

The Wild Unknown Tarot 

I have the second more colorful edition of this deck. I love that are no people in the deck, well; no human people. This my favorite deck for shadow work, introspection, and journaling. The divergence from traditional imagery makes me reconsider the cards and help me think about the relations between cards.

Shadowwork - Day 1

Universal Waite Tarot Deck

This is a riff on the “traditional” Smith-Waite deck. I have mostly retired this deck. It was the deck I bought to replace The Spiral Tarot circa 2005.


Mucha Tarot

I use this deck to read for others. I was a bit disappointed that it does not have more body diversity.

Daily Draw - 01-01-16

The Smith-Raider-Waite Tarot

I use this deck as well to read for others. Generally if I get this deck out I’m reading for strangers.


Shadowscapes Tarot

Oh my is this deck GORGEOUS. I love the flowy water colors, I love the purpley color palette. This is my travel deck. It lives in the bag I carry around. If I give a random reading or pull a card on the train this is the deck I’m reaching for.

Shadowwork - Day 4

The Wildwood Tarot

As you can see below this deck uses non-“standard” suits for it’s minors. It also renames several of the majors.  I have had this deck for sometime; however, I am still getting to know it.

knight of bows

Tarot de Marseille 1736 (French Edition)

One of the oldest compleate Tarot decks this deck comes in many varieties. Below is Le Bateleur, “The Mountebank”, the first trump in the Tarot de Marseille. (image links to the wikipedia article it comes from, I could not find an image I like, new computer problems). I got this deck when the spouse and I were talking about Tarot history. I don’t use it regularly. I do use it when teaching.


Motherpeace Round Tarot (Mini)

I wanted a round deck really bad and when I saw this at the local witchy shop I had to get it. The mini deck fits well in my hands, which is important because it’s not easy to shuffle. I don’t use this deck often for reading, but I do reach for it when I want to  meditate on one card quietly. I feel like the circles sort of encapsulate the ideas and helps me circle back to it.


30 days of Tarot challenge – by The Tarot Sybarite (Full list here).

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Tarot Shadow Work Day 2

► Day 2: Childhood – The Birth of the Shadow

Infancy, childhood, and adolescence all set the stage for the development and reinforcement of the shadow. For the sake of brevity, I am using the term ‘childhood’ to cover all of these life stages, however. Bear that in mind whenever I refer to childhood throughout this challenge.

Trace back your memories as far as you can. Try to overview your early life in as much detail as possible. Articulate or otherwise express how you experienced childhood as a whole. Heed to any areas of resistance you encounter. Note pivotal turning points or memories that stand out. Attempt to recall the first time you experienced emotions like sadness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, remorse, and contempt.

Tarot Question: What facet of my childhood have I overlooked or otherwise need to reevaluate?


This will take some time to think about.

Quote From: The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarot Shadow Work Day 3

► Day 3: Home Life – Security, Belonging, Self-Worth

Home life is closely tied to one’s sense of security, belonging, and self-worth. By analyzing the condition of the home life we experienced during childhood, we can shed light on how these aspects of ourselves developed.

Reflect on what your home life was like growing up. Consider things like household income, inter-family relationship dynamics, overall lifestyle, etc. Was financial stability a source of stress? Was the relationship between your parents conflicted? Did you feel accepted by your family? Did you feel safe at home? Did you live a life in a suburban setting, in the boonies, in an orphanage?

Tarot Question: What aspect of my home life might I benefit from taking into consideration?

Shadowwork - Day 3
4 of Swords

Rest, relaxation, and recovery.

Quote From The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarot Shadow Work Day 1

Shadowwork - Day 1

Day 1: Preparation + Light Work

We will kick off this challenge with a day of preparation and light work.

Take some time to relax. Mentally prepare yourself to experience some discomfort. Charge yourself up. Drink a lot of water.

Ponder your life. Pay tribute to the things you’re grateful for– the experiences you’ve had, the people you’ve met, the things you’ve achieved. And don’t forget to include yourself! Regardless of what you’ve been through or what you’ve done, you’re an fascinating human being, a world all your own. Give yourself credit just for being alive.

Count your blessings and keep them in your thoughts today. Write them down or use an artistic medium of your choice to express them creatively– this could be as simple as a quick sketch, some snapshots, a short poem, or even a compilation of relatable art created by others (think photos, music videos, gifs, etc). Work with whatever feels right, just make an effort to actively draw your attention to the positivity and abundance in your life.

Tarot Question: What aspect of myself can I rely on to facilitate this month’s shadow work?

Ace of Wands Reversed
Lack of motivation is hardly something I am unfamiliar with. I struggle to find detailed it a strength. I will keep a close eye on how many spoons I have with this work and pace myself.

Quote From: The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: The Wild Unknown Tarot