Tarot Shadow Work Day 5

► Day 5: Father – Guidance, Protection, Discipline

The father figure can relate to guidance, protection, and discipline in a traditional sense. We rely on our fathers to provide a sense of safety and security. We learn discipline through him, not necessarily by way of punishment, but by observing his efforts.

Think about your father (or other persons who served as a father figure). What is your relationship with him like– what was it like growing up? Take note of memories you have of him that stand out. How do you see him? In what ways do those qualities reflect in your life? Do you experience any resistance to your father? Consider the things you don’t like about him, then ask yourself how you might demonstrate those qualities yourself. Consider the things you do like about him and how far you might go to embody those qualities yourself.

Tarot Question: What element of the father archetype might I benefit from considering?

Things not reaching completion, the cycle incomplete, not letting go, no closure from the situation.

Quote From: The January Shadow Work Challange Post by UnmaskingTheDivine 

Deck used is: Shadowscapes Tarot (affiliate Link)